Donate Blood: Which CSL Plasma Center Near Me Pays The Most

11 Highest Paying Plasma Donation Centers


While some people don’t get into plasma donation for the money, you can make money doing it. In fact, plasma donation is one of the more flexible side hustles out there. Not only can you make some extra money as a donor, but you can also schedule appointments around your daily life.

But how much money can you make, and how do you know which plasma donation center pays the most? To help, I’ve compiled a list of the highest-paying plasma donation centers in the U.S.

Of course, donating plasma is much more than a side hustle. It gives you the chance to truly give back, as our healthcare system always has a need for blood donors. So before we talk about which plasma donation centers pay the most, let’s talk about what plasma is and why it’s so important.

What Are the Highest Paying Plasma Donation Centers?

1. CSL Plasma

2. BioLife Plasma

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3. BPL Plasma

4. Interstate Blood Bank

5. Grifols


7. Immunotek

8. Octapharma Plasma

9. GCAM Plasma

10. Vitalant

11. American Red Cross

What Is Plasma and Why Is It Needed?

You might already know that your blood contains white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, and plasma. The plasma makes up the most significant part of your blood at 55%.

One of its primary purposes is to carry the other blood components through your body. For that reason, it’s a vital component of your blood. However, the plasma in your blood also has other jobs. For instance, it contains antibodies and clotting factors, along with proteins such as albumin and fibrinogen.

The components in plasma are essential because they can help treat severe burns, shock, traumatic injuries, and some rare chronic diseases. In other words, when you donate plasma, you protect the health and safety of people across the world by donating plasma. Now, let’s talk about who can donate plasma.

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Who Can Donate Plasma

To qualify for plasma donation, you must go through a strict screening process. There are basic rules for plasma donors, such as:

Minimum age requirement of 18

Maximum age limit of 65

Minimum weight requirement of 110 lbs.

Also, people who have gotten piercings, tattoos, or permanent makeup within the last 12 months may not be eligible to donate, although specific requirements can vary based on the center.

For instance, some centers will require that you wait at least four months after tattoos and piercings, while others require 12 months.

See the eligibility requirements on each center’s website for more details.

When you first sign up, the donation center will ask a series of questions about your health history and the health history of your immediate family members and ancestors.

You’ll also need to provide a photo ID, proof of residency, your Social Security number, and a border crossing card if applicable.

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