Apply For Youth Worker – Overnight At Children’s Square, USA

Looking for overnight staff; typical hours are 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.

Youth Workers are needed by the Children’s Emergency Shelter to spend time with children ages birth to 18 years old. These individuals teach life skills, emotional management techniques, and behavior management to young people directly. Youth Workers are tasked with keeping groups of children safe and supervising them during times when they are unable to maintain their normal living conditions.

You’ll learn how to deal with a crisis and calm people who can’t control other emotions as a youth worker. In order to guarantee the clients’ well-being and safety throughout the night, you will supervise young people.

Join us to begin your career! There are open full-time positions.

All employees must pass a physical and TB test, have a high school diploma (or the equivalent), and pass checks for criminal history, child abuse, and sex offenders.

You will receive extensive training as a Youth Worker in the Emergency Services Shelter at Children’s Square in the following areas:

✪ First Aid and CPR
✪ Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting
✪ Conscious Discipline
✪ Crisis Intervention
✪ Universal Precautions
✪ Cultural Diversity
✪ Trauma-Informed Care
✪ Self Care Strategies
✪ Professional Boundaries
✪ Situational Awareness

Join the dedicated team of Youth Workers at Children’s Square and get hands-on experience with:

✪ Behavior Management
✪ Child Development
✪ Therapeutic Relationships
✪ Life Space Interviewing
✪ Conscious Discipline
✪ Child Welfare
✪ Interdisciplinary Cooperation
✪ Developmentally Appropriate Practice
✪ Infant, Toddler, Child and Adolescent Care
✪ Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication in Crises

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✪ Maintain supervision and know where students are at all times.
✪ Maintain integrity of the program structure and ensure the therapeutic environment of the program.
✪ Develop and maintain effective trauma informed relationships with the clients.
✪ Promote a professional, positive work environment.
✪ Effectively communicate written information to the right people in such a way as to establish an accurate record of each child’s placement and maintain accurate records needed by the agency.
✪ Implement agency policies and procedures, licensing and accreditation standards, and complete tasks as needed to provide safe, therapeutic, appealing environment.
✪ Handle crises is such a way that the positive, therapeutic milieu of the program in maintained.


✪ High school diploma or equivalent required
✪ Bachelor’s degree is preferred
✪ One year of relevant experience preferred
✪ Knowledge of child care practices, human growth, and development issues including an understanding of the range of treatment needed by the youth served
✪ Strong written and verbal communication skills
✪ Personal characteristics and experiential background that will provide appropriate care for children to win their respect, to guide them in their development, to manage a home for them effectively, and to participate in the overall treatment program designed for them
✪ Necessary stamina and temperament to work with children and youth (birth – 18 years of age) who are experiencing crisis and/or emotional and/or behavioral disorders
✪ Able to be trained in basic skills in first aid and the identification of medical need
✪ Must be able to provide appropriate care and supervision of youth at all times
✪ Must be able to follow and consistently implement the policies and procedures of the agency
✪ Must be able to handle confidential information appropriately
✪ Valid driver’s license with a driving record that is insurable under agency’s insurance
If required and authorized to drive personal vehicle on agency business, must have automobile insurance that meets agency policy
✪ Must be able to interact and work cooperatively and effectively with other personnel and clients
✪ Must be able to show sensitivity and responsiveness to cultural and socioeconomic characteristics in the service population

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• $500
• A bonus will be paid to people who apply from January  and are subsequently hired as full time Youth Workers
• The bonus will be paid in 2 equal installments ($250 each) – the first will be following 60 days of active employment, the second will be after 6 months of employment

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